A service to suit you


We really do strive to make things as easy for you as possible. That's why our cleaners offer a flexible domestic cleaning service that you can adapt to your lifestyle. You choose the most convenient time for your house cleaner to visit, and exactly what you'd like to be done. We find that 2 to 5 hours weekly or fortnightly give the best results and suit most people, and we are happy to advise you as to how much time your home needs.


As soon as we know what you're looking for, we'll select who we think could be the perfect house cleaner for you. Then we'll do all the necessaries and pop round at a convenient time to introduce you to each other. We'll always accompany your cleaner at the appointed time on the first clean to go through what needs doing and to make sure you're completely happy. After that, you'll enjoy the personal service of the same domestic cleaner each week, who will get to know you and your home and the way you like things to be done. 


 And chaps, don't think that you're not included in this. No time to clean? Bored by washing up? Then why not let your own personal domestic cleaner do it for you? What better way to impress the object of your affections than a gleaming pad, lovingly cared for and everything ship shape? Our cleaners can tailor the service to suit you, from regular home cleaning and ironing your clothes, to a one-off cleaning blitz and melting away before the in-laws arrive. You'll find the service hassle-free and surprisingly affordable.