I would like to thank you for introducing me to Adore Cleaning's clients - they are so kind and friendly and it's so nice to feel appreciated! Also, from my first day of meeting you, I have realised that you treat the cleaners the same way you treat your customers, with great respect and appreciation. It is a pleasure to work for Adore Cleaning's clients and I would not hesitate to recommend Adore Cleaning for both the outstanding service that you provide, as well as the great care and support that you offer to everyone.


Aida R, Cleaner Extraordinaire!


Working for Adore Cleaning's clients is a complete pleasure. The agency really values its cleaners and makes sure that everything is in place before introducing us to clients. They have a huge amount of experience, which is very reassuring, and have always been happy to show me around on the first clean for a new client, which has been hugely helpful.


Ciara Y, Cleaner Magnifique!


Since I have been working for Adore Cleaning's clients, I have been very impressed! I feel that I am genuinely valued by the agency and by the clients. People are really approachable and helpful, and I know that I can ask or tell them anything I need to, in order to work more effectively. I am happy to have found a domestic cleaning agency that is based on conscientious values, and where personal touches and friendliness are valued too.


Laura D, Cleaner Par Excellence!


Adore Cleaning is a very approachable and professional agency. They are always happy to provide training through a series of induction cleans with an experienced trainer, which I found is very valuable for the cleaner and also reassuring for the client. The high communication levels between cleaners, agency and clients means that jobs always run smoothly and to a high standard so that everybody is happy. Overall, an agency with high standards and friendly people.


Harriet C, Cleaner Merveilleuse!