Heavenly Bodies, or Cleaning Products?

Posted on 11th March, 2012














Well here we are, and already it’s March. For those of you who have been wondering where we’ve been for the past three months, all I can say in our defence is that we’ve been coping with an invasion of babies. Yes, BABIES! As we mentioned last year, one of our cleaners, Lina, went on leave just before Christmas, and since then two more cleaners, Debbie and Louise, became pregnant and left recently to get on with the job of, well, growing what they started.


One baby? Fine! Two babies? Okay. Three babies? What on earth is going on?*! There was only one thing to do, of course. I ordered an immediate investigation into the cleaning products the cleaners have been using ☺


Since then we’ve been scampering about the countryside to fill the places left by the escapees, and to find extra cleaners to cope with the ever-increasing stream of clients who are coming to us because, even when we don’t advertise, we receive a constant stream of enquiries from friends of our happy customers. Thank you to all our wonderful clients, we’re always delighted to receive your recommendations and to know how well we’re serving you.


Nevertheless, it has taken us the best part of three months to fill the baby gaps (if you’ll pardon the expression) and to expand our database of cleaners further to cope with the increased demand for our services. This is because we won’t accept just anyone, we are extremely fussy, and finding those ‘rare diamonds’ – talented people with the potential to be wonderful cleaners for our clients – can be a real challenge. Nevertheless, we’ve done it, and I’m delighted to report that we’ve just found three new fantastic cleaners to fill the places of the cleaners who have recently left. They have all completed our very thorough training and are already wowing everyone with their cleaning skills.


So here is a very big welcome to Janine, Sue and Stephanie! All of your clients have said that you are doing an absolutely excellent job, so very well done to all of you!


I’m also delighted to report that we have also found a further four cleaners to cope with the increased demand from our new clients. They are fantastic, very skilled people and you’ll be hearing more about them shortly.


In the meantime, we would also like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all our other clients for your lovely testimonials and words of thanks. We are sorry we are not able to put them all on our website due to space and time constraints, but they are all very much appreciated and we will endeavour to add another small selection of them to our site in the near future.


Moving back to babies, I’m disappointed to report that my investigation into cleaning products proved inconclusive ☹ I am now beginning to wonder if there is some spectacular alignment of heavenly bodies somewhere, because the baby phenomenon has spread to some of our clients and, indeed, to our friends. Even I have succumbed. No, before you ask, not to ‘growing my own’ - but to a rare foray into knitting needles, and you can see the result of that attempt above.


Before you ask, yes, the blue round thing beneath the hat IS a gym ball. It was put there in order to protect the identity of the poor unfortunate who will be expected to wear this humble little hat.


I confess I haven’t knitted for years, but I did manage to cast on the required stitches and knit away quietly at this little green ‘tea bag hat’ of an evening after scampering around the countryside each day looking for new cleaners. All was not completely calm on that front, I confess. I had barely six rows left to knit when a text arrived announcing that my friends were to hold a ‘baby shower’ in three days’ time to present their baby gifts. That was much sooner than I had expected and caused nothing short of a panic. I didn’t know how to ‘cast off in pattern’ and sat there wondering how to get the darn thing off the needles. And eek! What then? I couldn’t remember how to make up the hat either. And I had too many work commitments to take time out to go and get some help somewhere.


So it is with a very great deal of gratitude and a somewhat red face that I must now thank Jenny, a very accommodating lady in the knitting department of C & H Fabrics, Brighton, who managed to talk me down off the ceiling and explain to me over the telephone what I needed to do. I’m not sure that my subsequent stitching was completely correct, but I am hopeful that it will fool the uninitiated, at least from a distance. In fact I rather like it for myself. So if any seasoned knitter out there would be kind enough to share with me how to expand the size to fit a grown-up woman, I would be all ears. I’m already seeing the potential of unravelling some unwanted old sweater and reknitting it up into a new hat for free. So thank you, Jenny of C & H Fabrics (http://www.candh.co.uk/). You certainly saved my little tea bag hat from metamorphosing into something unrecognisable.



This post was written by Lorraine Turner for Adore Cleaning.

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Thanks Lorraine for your kind comments about Jenny - yes, Jen's a fantastic knitter and has helped hundreds of people with their knitting. She remembers you particularly - you're the only person she's ever had to 'show' how to do something over the phone! Glad it turned out so well. Looks like you've had a lot on your plate recently - glad to be of help!

Diana Hing - C&H Fabrics