Cleaning Tip: Putting More Shine Into Your Home

Posted on 16th June, 2011

At Adore Cleaning we’re often asked how our cleaners manage to get surfaces to shine so brightly. The right cleaning products help of course, but they are only one part of the whole process.


Glossy cabinet doors, shiny mirrors, gleaming shower doors and chrome appliances always look beautiful in a shopping centre showroom, but buffing them up to a smear-free gleam when they are rinsed and dried at home can be a different matter, and tricky indeed if you unwittingly use the wrong materials.



J-cloths and sponges are simply not suitable for this purpose. While they are fine for wet cleaning with water and liquid products, they simply won’t do the trick when drying and polishing your surfaces afterwards.


You can think of drying and polishing a glossy kitchen cabinet front in the same way as drying and polishing a drinking glass after you’ve washed it under a tap. Have you ever tried to use a J-cloth to put the shine back into a glass? The result won’t be pretty!


The secret to cleaning with a shine is in the cloths, and having plenty of the right kind. Our favourite cloths for cleaning are microfibre cloths, which you can buy in most supermarkets and grocery stores. You can use them for wet cleaning as well as drying and polishing. One word of warning though: manufacturers seem to be putting the word “microfibre” onto all kinds of cloths at the moment, and not all of them are suitable for drying to a shine. So to avoid any confusion, the kind of microfibre cloths we recommend look a bit like a lightweight face cloth or flannel (but don't be tempted to try using an ordinary face cloth, it won't work!). You can see an example of some freshly washed microfibre cloths hanging over a clothes airer in the photograph above.


It is not unusual for a good cleaner to get through at least 6 to 8 microfibre cloths each time he or she cleans an average 2 or 3-bedroom home. This is because any cloth that is used to dry a surface will quickly become wet, and as any bartender will tell you, if you keep using the same tea towel to dry glass after glass, eventually it will become too wet to shine anything.


When buying your microfibre cloths, it’s not necessary to buy the expensive ones that are boxed individually. You can buy several in a packet more cheaply from most supermarkets.


It is important to keep your microfibre cloths free from dirt, lint and fluff, so when washing them between cleans, make sure that you keep them separate from anything fluffy such as towels. This will prevent them from accumulating fluff and spreading it onto your surfaces the next time you clean and dry them. And never, ever use fabric conditioner or softener on microfibre cloths. It will ruin them, they will smear everything, and you'll have to buy new ones and start from scratch. So just use washing power or washing liquid, and nothing else.


Microfibre cloths are not the only kind of cloth that are great for cleaning with a shine though. Later we’ll reveal another kind of cloth that also does a fabulous job, and we’ll also show you how you can get it for free!

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