Ode to a Cleaner

Posted on 5th March, 2011

Adore Cleaning feather duster illustration

We were delighted and amused to get the following poem from

one of our lovely clients last week, after learning that his

cleaner would be moving out of his neighbourhood and leaving him:









We know a hardworking lady called Tina

and I tell you, she's one brilliant cleaner.

      She makes everything spiffy

       it's all done in a jiffy

and I swear this is true, 'cos I've seen 'er.


You can tell we liked her!!!!!!!!!!


                 Ken D, Seaford


How could we resist penning a little ditty back?:


We're delighted you like dear Tina

You are right, she's an excellent cleaner.

     She'll miss you, we know,

     She's so sorry to go,

But you'll love Rachel too when you've seen her!


Tina will still be working for our clients in another neighbourhood (hooray!), she just had to change a few of her clients so that she doesn't have too far to travel from her new home.


Anyway, many thanks to Ken for taking the time to write such an entertaining little poem. And to Tina ... we hope we haven't made you blush too much!

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