Goodbye From Adore Cleaning!

Posted on 28th February, 2020

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Wow, how the last 11 years at Adore Cleaning have flown by! We have met many lovely people and have lots of wonderful memories.  So it is with sadness that we are saying goodbye to you all.


We still can’t believe how fast the company has grown. Some of you might remember that Adore Cleaning was born in a recession. In those early years we decided to cover a much wider area, within a 50-minute drive of Brighton & Hove along the coast from Crowborough to Littlehampton, so that we didn’t limit our options.


We needn’t have worried. The business took off so quickly that it wasn’t long before we needed to redefine our boundaries.  Our main priority was to continue providing a top-quality service to our clients, so we decided to draw in our catchment area to Brighton & Hove and the surrounding villages so that we didn’t spread our coverage too wide.


This strategy worked for a while, but as Adore Cleaning continued to grow we eventually had to bring in a waiting list for new clients wanting to come on board with us.  At first the waiting time was 2­ to 3 weeks, but despite our best efforts it grew to 6 weeks, then 3 months. These days it’s even longer.


We have very much regretted not being able to provide cleaners for everyone but unfortunately our cleaners are always very much in demand and no sooner have we sourced a new cleaner than she or he is fully booked. We’ve always been very fussy about our cleaners, we won’t accept just anyone, and many people tell us that this is one of the reasons why they are willing to wait for us for so long.


So why are we closing the business? After 11 years of hard work, Catherine and I have decided that it's time for a rest. You may know that outside of work we are good friends as well as work colleagues, we like similar things so we have decided to go travelling. We have bought a camper van for this purpose and will be leaving East Sussex. We are looking forward to exploring the UK and Europe and finding new homes eventually in new places. Where and when that will be only time will tell, new homes have to feel right and in the meantime the emphasis will be on enjoying life and lots of rest and sunshine.


Adore Cleaning will therefore close in just over a month’s time at the end of March.  We have contacted all our clients, cleaners and suppliers to let them know. We have also made arrangements for any clients and cleaners who want to stay together to do so, it will just be without our involvement, in order to ensure that their cleaning service can continue.


We are very sorry that we are not going to be able to provide a cleaner for those people still on our waiting list.  You know who you are! We’ve discussed it with you, and no doubt you’ll remember that we have been advising you to try other companies for some time, so hopefully this won’t be too disappointing.


We will only be contactable up until 31 March. After this date, our website will be taken down, and our phones will be deactivated.  Even our personal mobile numbers and email addresses will change – like we said, it’s a fresh start for us. So if any of you have any queries, please let us know before 31 March 2020.


We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support these past 11 years, it’s been very much appreciated.


Very best wishes



Lorraine and Catherine

Adore Cleaning


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Comments (2)

Is it possible to be desolate and delighted at the same time? I'm so pleased that you're chasing your dreams, but I'm so sad that you're leaving. Yours has been a brilliant cleaning agency and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have known you. Your standards have been the highest and your cleaners are the best. We are losing a little bit of Brighton and we will miss you.
With very best wishes for a great experience,
Chris and Pauline.
Congratulations to you both for making the leap. It is leap year after all! Enjoy your adventures. Thank you for the friendly and professional service over the years. I feel very lucky to have gained an amazing cleaner and friend. Emma xx