Posted on 11th May, 2019


Candlelit celebration at sunset







Today we are delighted to tell you that it is Adore Cleaning’s 10th birthday – how the years have flown! Although we knew quickly that Adore Cleaning was going to be a success, we didn’t expect it to be as popular as it turned out. We would like to thank each and every one of our cleaners for helping us to make this happen, and an equally big thank you to our hundreds of wonderful clients, many of whom are still with us from our earliest days.


We would like to say sorry to all the clients who have been trying to come on board with us. Our existing clients rarely seem to leave us, and as many of you know, we are very fussy about our cleaners and won’t introduce anyone to our clients who doesn’t make the grade. So for this reason we never seem able to clear our very long waiting list and we are very sorry to have to turn people away.


We are very much looking forward to having a relaxing celebration this evening and thank you all again for your continued support.



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